'I went to London's New York coffee shop Americans say is better than anywhere in our city'

‘I went to London’s New York coffee shop Americans say is better than anywhere in our city’


A New York coffee shop has been pouring its liquid gold across new London spots with Americans boasting it’s better than anywhere else in the city. And with some pretty decent cafes to enjoy a caffeine quick in the capital, this is quite the claim.

Coffee Shop

¬†Blank street coffee are a very popular chain of coffee shops from over in the States who seem to rapidly popping up all across London. For many the shops have already became their “favourite” place for a coffee¬†and they’re regularly doing the rounds on social media.

Energy boost

The coffee shop has a huge number of spots across New York and now have over 10 in London so far. Finding myself in East with the need for an energy boost, I visited the Blank Street down a side road in Shoreditch. The black-fronted shop welcomed in natural light through the huge windows to create an inviting and airy space. Pistachio-green walls are complemented by light wood furnishings, plants and clean pops of white.


This is exactly the type of place you expect to see going viral online; simple, modern aesthetics with pleasing colours and trendy branding. And I’m happily a victim of it – a snap of the inside was on my Instagram within an instant. Blank Street know what they’re doing too, it’s such a cult trend here in London already they’re even selling merch. Luckily I’m not that easily influenced as there was no way I was splashing out on a pair of branded socks for a tenner… but they did look nice.

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